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Web Design


Web Design

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Wa Talk


I designed and presented a website for a startup product on the Wix website. It was quite an exciting project, and I had to put in much effort to make it look professional and user-friendly. Overall, I am pretty happy with the result, and I hope it helps the startup attract more customers and grow its business.

Role: UX/UI designer
Tools: Figma, Wix
Timeline: 4 weeks

THE Wa Talk is a startup company founded in 2016 that develops bio-sensing technology that improves the precision and usability of identifying micro-particles and bacteria and lowers the price.  The goal is to let anyone check their water at any given time to ensure the water customers drink or use is safe.



23, Student, Los Angeles

"A water filter can help me save money and always have clean water."


Janelle is a full-time student with a limited budget for groceries and water. To save money, she prefers to buy a water filter instead of a water bottle every day.


30, Software developer, Los Angeles

"Being in nature can be more enjoyable when you don't have to worry about finding fresh water."


Jimmy lives in Los Angeles and works remotely as a software developer. He enjoys traveling, climbing rocks, and camping. However, sometimes Jimmy has difficulty finding clean water to drink in nature. He is looking for a water filter that can easily carry on while camping and have fresh water immediately. 


  • She is spending a significant amount of money on water bottles.

  • The water bottle doesn't taste good.


  • Find an affordable water filter. 

  • Easy setup. 

  • Have clean and pure water.

  • Save money.


  • He has a hard time finding clean water in nature.

  • He doesn't want to carry a heavy water bottle.


  • Easy to carry on. 

  • have fresh water immediately. 

  • Easy setup.

  • Save time.


The product does not have a website, but it is not entirely done. I had to make my style tile for it. 

Desktop & Mobile Wireframes

I created wireframes for desktop and mobile on Figma and then made a live website using Wix. The live website differs slightly from the wireframes, as I had to recreate them on Wix. 

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