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For the MoMA Museum poster project, I chose the sentence "Imagination has not saved us." To create a visually captivating yet thought-provoking design, I decided to juxtapose the fantastical notion of a unicorn with the familiar living room setting. By placing the mythical creature in a real-world context, such as a domestic space, I aimed to evoke a sense of surrealism and challenge the audience's perceptions. This unexpected combination reminds us that while imagination may not necessarily rescue us from reality, it can transform our surroundings and provoke contemplation.

Hand Holding Poster Frame Mockup (1).png

For the social impact poster, I've selected the theme of abortion, which sparks heated debates and garners significant attention. As a woman, I firmly believe in the right to autonomy over my own body. My design aims to convey the profound complexity of this issue, highlighting the pivotal role women play in making decisions about their bodies. It underscores the importance of respecting a woman's agency and the imperative to reject external pressures that seek to dictate or control her choices.

Softcover Book Right View (7,5x75 in).png

Front and back cover design for magazine.

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